This is a unique vehicle, but an exceptional opportunity to own a rare piece of Shelby, Hertz and Ford Automotive history. This is one of only 172 2016 Shelby Hertz cars commissioned by Hertz and produced by Ford and Shelby American with only 6100 miles on the odometer.  Obviously, this vehicle was sold early in its useful rental life.  Some cars are still being rented and then sold by Hertz and have many more miles. Hertz Car Sales aren’t selling their higher mileage vehicles at any type of bargain price either.  Below is the information released by Shelby pertaining to the 2016 GT-H production.

172 Total number of cars badged as Shelby GTH cars.

171 production cars, 1 concept car.

156 naturally aspirated, automatic transmission cars. Majority of them were rental cars, some were not. The non-rented cars were sold to Hertz franchise owners as a personal car. These cars were among the last built and made available to Hertz licensees through a lottery system. After receiving the cars, licensees found out they had to run 12,000 miles on the vehicle or wait 1 year to put them up for sale.

One car, the concept car 16H0001C, was sold at Barrett-Jackson to benefit the Shelby Foundation.

16 Total supercharged, manual transmission cars were built. These are referred to as executive cars and were never placed into the Hertz rental fleet.

CSM numbers 16H0001 to 16H0016 are the S/C, M/T, exec cars.

CSM number 16H0001C was the NYIAS „wall hanging“ display car. Sold at Barrett-Jackson to benefit the Shelby Foundation.

CSM number 16H0171 was the Manhattan „unveil“ car.  Other information provided as to the features of the GT-H are as follows:  “The 2016 Shelby GT-H comes in a muscular package with a performance-ready 5.0-liter V8 engine mated to a smooth 6-speed automatic. Sharpening the suspension, the Shelby has Ford Performance special-tuned dampers, lowering springs, sway bars and a staggered wheel kit for the 19″ aluminum wheels shod with high-performance Michelin tires. The car has a ferocious special exhaust, badges and interior trim only available on the Shelby GT-H”.

Obviously these rare  50th anniversary rent-a-racers don’t come available that often.  We all know what the 1966 GT350H’s are going for today and most of us wish we had purchased one years ago when they were much more affordable.   These vehicles have that same potential in the collector car market. Though the 1966 GT350H Shelby is an icon amongst collectors, the 50thAnniversary Shelby GT-H has better handling and technological advancements than its original namesake.  This vehicle includes navigation, back up camera, heated/cooled 6-way power leather seats, 6 speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, power windows, locks, cruise control, remote start, AM-FM-Satellite radio, anti-lock brakes and front and side air bags, Shelby engine dress up items and a Ford Performance exhaust system. This is undoubtedly the best Hertz Shelby built so far. This is chassis build number CSM 161 of 172 and it comes with all the Shelby/Hertz documents directly from Hertz as well as the GT-H wheel center caps which were provided to Hertz by Shelby. The original (appear to be unused) floor mats are in the trunk and come with the car.  One of the front lower stripes had a rock chip in it so we purchased a new side stripe kit and the three remaining pieces are included with the car. That was a process in itself.  You have to show the part you want to replace and show that you are the registered owner of the vehicle to order any type of part.  What an amazing process, but it protects the owners of original vehicles from the clone builders out there trying to make a quick buck by misrepresenting a common GT Mustang.